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In a previous blog post we noted a few instances where individuals were commemorated on more than one memorial. This is to be expected if a man (or woman) had a connection with a number of institutions that felt the need, either as the war was being fought or at its end, to remember those who had served, and those who died.

Another way of finding these connections is to look at one memorial and see how many of the men are listed on other local memorials. We have recently been given an image of the WW1 memorial in Terrace Road School, in the Mount Pleasant area of Swansea. This lists 65 men who ‘gave their lives for Freedom in the Great War, 1914-1918’.

Many of these men appear on other local memorials in Swansea (as well as being listed on the Swansea Cenotaph, which names all the local dead from WW1). One name that stands out is David Dupree  – he is the subject of a previous blog post, and is named on the Hafod Isha works memorial.

At least one of the men is named on the memorial in the Salisbury Club (which used to stand on Walter Road) – Malcolm McIndeor.

At least five of the men are named on the parish memorial of St Jude’s (a church which stood in Terrace Road) –

Llewelyn Arnold, Felix Edwards, Edward Gamage, Fred C. Thomas and George Fortune. The latter is also named on the memorial in Mount Pleasant Baptist chapel.

Richard Brayley is (almost certainly) the R. Brayley commemorated on Carmarthen Road chapel.

Further investigations will doubtless find more examples of these men listed on other local memorials.


August 12th, 2017

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